May 21, 2015 at 11:12pm
  1. Elyrian Brides I: Octavia
    Octavia Bryant is everything a well brought up young buppie woman from the Old Line State of Maryland is supposed to be. She is smart, classy, hardworking, respectful, independent, and waiting for a milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or café au lait colored Rhett Butler of her very own. Just as long as he’s black she’ll make her father proud. More than anything she wants love and a home and a family. The universe throws a wrench in her little buppie life after the men from Elyria arrive on Earth looking for wives. And they only have eyes for women of color. But Octavia isn’t having any of them until six feet six inches of muscles covered in a sunset yellow skin named Kade Egon sees her and turns her life upside down. Kade Egon wants a wife and he has his heart set on Octavia from the moment he lays eyes on her. He wines her, dines her, and takes her on spaceship rides around the Milky Way. He promises her love, a home, family, and passion. How can she say no? Kade just seems too good to be true. There are still things he won’t tell her about Elyria and himself. Octavia has been lied to before by smooth talking men who only wanted one thing. How can she be sure that Kade means all that he says? And what are Elyria’s secrets? As her mother reminds her, the last time blacks got on a boat run by non-blacks they were enslaved. Can Octavia overcome her fears and leave her family and Earth behind to take a chance on love among the stars?
  2. Elyrian Brides 2: Sancecrea
    Sancecrea Jeané Wilson wants to be a gold digger and she is set on digging for Elyrian gold. She came up hard in the ghettos of Baltimore City. She knows she’s a hood rat but she doesn’t want to die a hood rat. She’s hoping that the riches of the Elyrians will help her rise above her humble beginnings. She’s just hoping that her schemes don’t backfire on her so that she ends up married to one. Izan Zenizer is in charge of a team of elite charmers from Elyria sent to Earth do what they do best. Izan has been charming his way into women’s hearts and beds for as long as he can remember. Add to it the women of Earth’s love for all things sparkly and shiny and he has very little problem charming women away to Elyria. His has his eye on one in particular, Sancecrea. He’s positive she’ll make some man a very good wife. In time he realizes that man is him. Crea knows The Game and has studied the one that Izan is playing. She’s sure she won’t get caught. However, her heart gets caught in Izan's charmed web of passion. Can she see through the lies to the truth and still find a real love beneath all the deception?
  3. Elyrian Brides 3: Octavia's Awakening
    Elyria is a dream paradise come true for any black/brown woman with a heart longing for the love of a good black/brown man. Black or tan. Brown or beige. Golden or bronze. Tall, very tall, and extremely tall men of every delicious shade of brown skin ever imagined can be found on Elyria. All of them with extraordinary eyes in shades of blue, green, or grey. It is just as they said and more. The men long for a woman all their own to spoil and spoil and spoil some more. A woman can lose her heart and head to a man and trust that he will treasure it always. Though, if she’s not careful she could lose her husband in the heat of a jealous battle. Octavia Egon, formerly Bryant, awakes to a utopia of brown people. There is an abundance of everything she had longed for on Earth. Peace, love, and the hair grease. She finally has the passion filled nights with a good strong man who makes her feel loved and safe. Still the Elyrian men have their secrets. Things start to change as secret after secret is unraveled before her very eyes. She’d complain if she could but she did ask for the truth. She learns quite quickly to be careful of what questions she chooses to ask. Kade Egon has returned home with the one thing he never dared dream he’d have, a wife of his very own. As the ruler of Elyria he never dared hope that a woman would love him enough to accept his marriage proposal. But a fateful trip to Earth lands him the woman of his dreams in Octavia. Now he must unlearn the golden rule of Elyrian men: Please your woman by any and all means necessary. Even if it means lying. He soon finds that when it comes to Octavia, the ends do not justify the means. As Kade and Octavia struggle against tradition and gender roles of Earth and Elyria, their rule is threatened by inside and outside forces. Can their love stand the tests of their secrets and political intrigues even as Earth is poised on the brink of what could be a disaster?
  4. Elyrian Brides 4: Athena
    Athena Bryant just wants to have fun! No marriage minded fools allowed! At least that is what she told herself after her last break up. She decided to embrace being a successful, single black woman and show the world how singlehood should be done. Then the universe drops a tall, pastel yellow, and devilishly handsome alien named Tallon Rada in her path. And he lives to drive her crazy. Tallon wants one woman who will love only him. A life of chasing from one woman’s bed to another on Elyria has made him a connoisseur of women. However, once he sets his sights on Athena, he has eyes only for her. The only thing Tallon loves more than chasing Athena is making her angry. He does it every chance he gets. He loves watching the passion flash in her eyes and cannot wait until he can redirect all of that lovely fire into making their bodies one. The only thing Athena wants from Tallon is his head on a platter. Can the two find a happy meeting ground that doesn’t result in Tallon’s death at Athena’s hands? Or anyone else’s?
  5. Elyrian Brides 5: Sancecrea's Heart
    Sancecrea Jeané Zenizer, formerly Wilson, went digging for Elyrian gold and got something more precious than she could have even imagined. She found the love of a good and faithful man. He is loving, gentle, kind, generous, and just as jealous for her as she is for him. Izan Zenizer has at last found the wife of his dreams. In his Sancecrea, he has found a woman whose passion and love match his own. They are so in tuned with each other that it seems as though they read each other’s minds at times. He wants nothing more than to spend his life showering her with his love. But Izan broke the Dragon’s edict. As they begin their lives as husband and wife, Izan’s punishment hangs over his head like the sword of Damocles. Men hunger and lust after the ride or die chick from Earth. All of them with incredibly potent darayas of their own. All of them pointed at Izan’s Sancecrea. Even family ties mean nothing in the competition for her heart. As they struggle to stay together, insecurities refuse to die, a date looms closer, and secrets are revealed. Can their love remain true in the face of all those who stand in their way?
  6. Elyrian Brides 6: Athena's Battles
    Athena finally got what she made everyone but herself believe that she didn't want. A husband. Not just any husband either. He’s as handsome as he is mischievous. His passions not only match hers but surpasses them. He lovingly showers her with all manner of decadent pleasures when he’s not irritating the hell out her. Her only problem now is getting Tallon to let her be the Draconess she knows she can be. Tallon has found the one thing he has always wanted. A wife all his own. Athena is beautiful, intelligent, witty, and desires only his lips, his touch, and all the rest of his naughty parts. Even her anger excites him. His only mission is to love her into a delirium so happy that she will never leave him for another. Their honeymoon trip home to Elyria is just the time they both think they need to bring the other around to their way of thinking. But it all goes horribly wrong when they come face to face with the Whillock. A people on the brink of extinction who seek women as breeders and nothing more. When Tallon and the rest of his crew sacrifice themselves to save Athena and the rest of the women, Athena is faced with a choice. Follow his wishes or follow her heart and get back the man she loves. Can Athena lead a daring escape to save the love of her life or will she end up as nothing more than an incubator for the Whillock?
  7. Elyrian Brides: Tawnya (A short of the Elyrian Brides Series)
    Peerren Niaiderh is one of the first Elyrians to arrive on Earth looking for a wife of his own. A chance encounter finds him staring face to face with the woman he is sure will be his wife. Tawnya Jackson is a woman unlike any he had ever met on Earth or anywhere else. She is quiet and shy on the surface with a heart full of love to give. Peerren looks like the man to give it to. Join them for a short sweet courtship to their own happily ever after.
  8. Elyrian Brides 7: Tawnya's Loving
    Long before Octavia and her sisters, Tawnya arrived on Elyria. She is one of the first Earth born wives to arrive and Elyria can’t wait to meet her. She has the love of a life time and she can’t wait to be cleared to do more than just snuggle with him. Neither can he. But Peerren has returned from Earth with an uninitiated woman as his bride. The rules and traditions of Elyria say that another more accomplished lover must be the first in her bed. Tawnya says no! But the Elyrian men say otherwise as some of their finest line up and square off to show her just how much better life on Elyria can be for a woman.
  9. Elyrian Brides 8: Sancecrea The Draconess
    Crea is in trouble. At least she thinks she is. She’s agreed to a new life that makes her what she thought she wanted to be, The Boss Lady. But things aren’t turning out the way she had hoped. Izan’s still miffed with her and taking it out on her in some wonderfully inventive ways that leave her panting for more. She’s got new duties that she knows nothing about and a husband bent on keeping it that way. Add to it Vex’s ever vexing presence and her family’s unacknowledged announcement that they are on their way to Elyria spells pure hilarious disaster.
  10. Elyrian Brides 9: Minx
    Monique Indrea Nilana Xanders is best known as Minx to her friends for all the right and wrong reasons. Her mother took one look at her and knew from birth that she would be trouble to any man. She tried to warn them by appropriately nicknaming her Minx. So far no man is paying attention. Though Minx attracts her fair share of men, she can’t seem to settle the one in particular who will love her the way she needs to be loved. Then the Elyrian men arrive in all their shades of glorious yellow that don’t require her to do more than be gracious, charming, and well a minx. Black, brown, and yellow men all vie, fuss, fight, and so much more for the heart of the fickle hearted, foul mouthed, hot temptress from the East side of Baltimore. She only has to pick one. Or does she?
  11. Elyrian Brides 10: Athena the Lioness Trainer
    Athena is ready to show the men of Elyria what their women can do. She just first has to show it to the women. Many are called and some are even ready but still others are not even interested. Tallon is enjoying loving her senseless and then sending her out to rally the women to her. Her efforts have mixed results. Some hilarious and many dangerous.
  12. Elyrian Brides 11: Octavia's Reign
    For Dragoness Octavia Egon, formerly Octavia Bryant of Earth, being a protector of Earth and Elyria is now part of her life whether she wants it or not. For the record, Kade and Elyrian as well as Axyslion technology make it pretty easy. They all know what they are supposed to do and how to do it for the most part. What they don’t know they sit down and cooperate with each other until they find a way to make it happen. Octavia doesn’t have to do much more than let Kade make love to her and act as an ambassador of goodwill with the Axyslions. There is the rub. Not all the Axyslions have goodwill on the mind. Despite the best efforts of goodwill, tempers will flare, battles will be fought and lost. In the end, it will rest on Octavia’s shoulders to decide the future of Earth.
  13. Stolen Elyrian Brides: Honey
    Dracon Gadden Oanalan has been tasked with the awakening of the women stolen from Earth by Athan. He has his hungry eyes set on a honey colored beauty aptly named Honey Love. Exotic dancer club owner Honey Love awakens to a gorgeous mountain of a man well worth the climb if he will just shut the hell up. She never asked to come to Elyria and she isn’t sure she wants to be there and definitely not married to the arrogant know-it-all and his tantalizingly erotic yellow eyed gaze. The two have met their match inside and outside the bedroom. Can they come to a happy middle ground?
  14. Elyrian Brides Courted: Babs, Jill, Sharon, & Tracy
    Meet Sharon, Jill, Babs, and Tracy. Four women who took one look at the Elyrian men in brown and skeptically signed up to go. After all, what did they have to lose? Join them as they begin their journey to wedded Elyrian bliss. They've only got to sift through twelve, yes twelve men a piece, to get there.
  15. Elyrian Husbands
    Kellat, Forin, Itaz, and Noom have been banished to Earth to find wives for themselves or spend the next two years trying. All four men are accustomed to doing things as a team on Elyria. They soon find on Earth that they will have to do things differently. Kellat finds a spirited beauty with brains and savvy to spare. Too bad she's only interested in the material things he can offer her. Kellat is determined to show her that love is far more important than material gains. Itaz is afraid that without his brothers his intellect will bore the women of Earth just like it did on Elyria. However, he soon finds a woman that longs for intelligent conversation over soliloquies on her beauty. Noom is just looking for a sweet plump woman who he can spoil with hugs and kisses and more. When he meets Gwen she is two out of three of his wants. Now how to make her sweet? Forin is set adrift from his brothers not knowing where to begin in his seductions. However, he soon finds that he can do well all by himself.

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