The Chronicles of Callandaria
  1. The Thief of Callandaria
    Seven is a cute little thief. Touted by all the realms as The Thief of Callandaria she has spent most of her life traveling with The Baltiry and learning the great art of stealing. And what she does is a very delicate art. Taking what she needs, and wants, and then disappearing long before people even realize she was ever near. Staying nowhere too long. Simply enjoying all that her world has to offer until she is finally caught by the Landkire Javronder of the 6th Realm. To hear her tell it she hadn’t stolen that much from his realm at all. Lankire Javronder will release her if she will do just one thing for him: steal his son back from a ruthless neighboring lankier before his son is killed. If she succeeds she will be rewarded with more riches than she has ever dreamed of having. Refuse or worse yet fail and face the same fate as Javronder’s son: death. Even as Seven sets off on her quest, with a few of Javronder’s best men along to ensure she doesn’t stray from her task, she knows something isn’t quite right. She can see it in the eyes of Javronder’s eldest son, Evam. Eyes that look at her none too kindly at first. That is to be expected as she is a thief after all. But his mistrust quickly turns to something else. Something Seven desires, too. Can Seven complete her mission, gain her reward, and satisfy her desires without getting caught in the lankire’s unknown plans?
  2. Destinies Revealed!
    Seven is still running and Evam is still chasing. But when he catches her, he does something wonderful. He gives her the chance to choose him. It was easy to say no when he was demanding. Now Seven longs to say yes if she can but silence the ghost of her dead mother. Hessah is running from a painful past to a future of her own mischief making design. She can’t wait to begin. There is only one being standing in her way. Meysom and he is determined to stand between her and the life she wants. Dinay is a woman now and she feels like she already has two children to raise. She can’t leave her troublemaking twins on their own. But she is a woman with a husband adept at awakening all those desires that she had never imagined she’d have with a man. She is duty bound to be his wife but what of her duty to keep Callandaria safe from her twins? Evam wants only one thing, Seven’s love and he is determined to have it. All he has to do is cross oceans, see through illusions, and find the real Seven. Blackstar is a man accustomed to being obeyed and he expects nothing less than complete obedience from Dinay regardless of how much he loves her. But his new wife has other ideas and the power to see them through no matter what he says. And if he doesn’t like it, she knows just how to knock some sense into his stubborn head. Meysom is bent on knowing the secret truths of his kind. He knows that there is more to Seven than meets the eye and he is determined to know it. As he learns more, danger rears its head and he wonders at the chance of his own survival. As dark forces reveal themselves they all find themselves fighting for those who are precious to them. Who will win and who will lose as destinies are revealed?
  3. Nobles, Thieves, & Destinies
    Seven loves Evam. At least she thinks she does. That’s why she knows she has to run. She loves her freedom far more than she will let herself love any man. That’s what she tells her wayward heart as she makes her daring escape from Evam and his father’s plans to make her Evam’s wife. Through the dark of night, through the air, over land and water they will run. But no one can run forever. Especially from the desire of their heart. Dinay knows that the time has come for she and Seven to part company. She runs from a destiny she fears more than death. A destiny she is to share with Seven if they don’t part ways but Seven is determined to keep her friend at all costs. Evam loves Seven and knows she loves him, too. He just needs to get her to admit it to herself and then himself. All he has to do is catch her, bind her to him, and help her. Whether she wants him to or not. For the record, she doesn't! Blackstar is a man of legend. All he wants is the destiny that has been promised to him. He gave up his whole life to become a man that will be talked about for the ages. He will not be thwarted by anyone. As the four are drawn together, destinies will be revealed, manifested, thwarted, and in some cases circumvented.
  4. Noble Truths
    The fourth and final installment in volume one of the Chronicles of Callandaria. Dinay is gone but the battle to avenge her is just beginning. Seven shall discover who and what she is. Hessah seeks to become what she never imagined she’d ever want to be, a killer. Even the Noble Clan shall learn what it is to suffer painful truths. When the dust settles lankires will fall, destinies will be manifested, and land boundaries will be redrawn again.