The Ascension Earth Series
  1. Give Me What I Want
    The power of one is how it’s begun. The power of two will seek our due. The power of three will set us free! The power of four will make us soar! The power of five is how we thrive! The power of six will quicken the mix. Calypso the dark mistress of the sea just wants to go home! She’s done her duty as far as she is concerned and only wants to return to her own people. She is no divine being but a guardian for the people of Earth to help them ascend to a plane of enlightenment. This is not her world and she is anxious to get home. All she has to do is wait for them to ascend. But the people of Earth are dragging their collective feet and Calypso is losing her patience. Death has been guarding the lives and deaths of the people of Earth for three incarnations and he too is ready to go home. Back to his old life where he had another name and the love of his life was ready to marry him. Tashari waits in a repeating limbo for his return. He too is anxious for Earth to ascend. Death and Calypso both want the same thing but wish to go about it in different ways. Death chooses tradition. Calypso has had it with tradition and has plans of her own. The only thing standing in her way is Death and he has no plans to move. Death knows Calypso is up to something. She has captured souls and refuses to release them to him until he gives her something in return. Something that he believes she will use for revenge. He hopes that in time she will see reason but his reason leaves him when Calypso does the unthinkable. She kidnaps his Tashari on the eve of her rebirth! With the failsafe given to him by the Sivle in hand he sets out in search of Calypso to rescue Tashari. If it should come to it, he can and will destroy Calypso. But Calypso has had more than enough time to figure out how to stop Death, change the past, and reshape the future. Who will win in the battle between Death and Calypso?
  2. Of Guardians, Gods, and Goddesses
    Death begins the next step of Calypso’s plan. Unbeknownst to her, he no longer has what she wants but he knows who has it. He just has to find him and get it back. That task, however, is not going to be as easy as he thought. The one he appointed as guardian over the olaury has passed it on to another. One who would rather die than give it back. In the end they fear they will all have to do the one thing that has never been done before: Kill another guardian.
  3. Soldiers Of Ascension
    Calypso’s army goes forth. Each soldier tasked to do one thing. Meet four of her soldiers striving to find a balance between their old lives and the new ones they must take up. Ian, Alect, Maethat, and Toll each have a new life to take up and or not. There are mistakes to be righted. There are dreams to be dreamed. There are lives to be touched. Not to mention love to be shared and people in need of so very many things. Ian was a white man now in a black man’s body. A serf in his previous life he awakens to find not much has changed besides his skin color. Alect was a black man in love with the gifts of womankind now in the body of a black man that had just used and discarded women at his leisure. Maethat a white man from a time when whites were slaves to blacks. He awakens to find himself now the very being he had worshiped. Toll a black man from Maethat’s time who has come to help to protect them all from people with skin like his own.